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Apr 8 / rivervalley


Moan Loose
Take, if you will this London based experimental rock trio with a trace of The Fall and musky scents of June of 44 and Reynolds, for your consideration is rewarded with their excellent “Moan Loose” a first release, on the shiny new “Horse Arm” label.

Full of tight breaks, sudden changes of intonation, the music’s dynamic drive teeters on the brilliant side of chaotic without ever falling over the edge into rambling self indulgence. The overall effect of this album is a heightened sense of neurotic elation. Veering sideways from a fast paced mania not seen since Akarso, to the anti-rock aesthetics of U.S. Maple, to gentle lulls, this highly dramatic album is fused with the full gamut of the nervous mind. 

Poino find a voice, one that is not an affectation of something remembered, but one that seems genuine. Granted it is one that builds on the works of other bands (as all music is), but it is one that they take possession of. Singing in your own voice is something that a lot of singers don’t have the balls to do. It’s a kind of honesty that either scares people, or one that most don’t even realise they’re shying away from. De Vis’ vocals have definitely taken some of the cynicism of Mark E. Smith on board, fused it with a Yow-esque delivery and come out on the other side with something his own.

Cowbell is also something that doesn’t feature heavily in rock, “Bad Bag” changes that. In-fact Greenhorn’s drumming throughout is exceptional. The one problem I would have with the album is that sometimes there’s not enough clarity on the mix for the drums, snare and toms sitting a bit further away than they should, more of a choice than anything else.

Guitar and Bass are confrontational. Upfront and swerving in an unrelentlessly dizzying manner. There is no safety of a simple song structure, and the songs pull back suddenly just as easily as they jump out into a unforeseen complexity. It’s a feral conversation, one without language, where thoughts are put out to roam, or snuffed instantly.

Live they are full of on, headstrong, dramatic, and brave. Whether balancing a guitar on the face while screaming lyrics distort through its pick-ups, or suddenly shouting in accompaniment, they are engaged completely. The unrest and intensity of the performance is heightened by the utter silences between songs, they don’t choose their words lightly. Banality is not on the cards for Poino. Expect an onslaught of jagged guitar sounds, dirty punchy occasionally walking bass lines and energetic and innovative drumming.

“Previous He” – Savage
“Sex Pesto” – Great opening riff
“Strength of a Cowboy” – What a build up!

Listen to Moan Loose there. Horse Arm here